Complete Xtract and Dry Restoration demonstrates state of the art practices in water removal and dehumidification by drying your structures faster, reducing downtime, and saving on repair cost.


We also use industry standard estimating practices and write every estimate in Xactimate – the same software used by most insurance companies. Our goal is to make the claim process smooth, not only for our customers, but also for the insurance professionals involved.


We walk a fine line of doing what's fair and necessary; never creating work for ourselves, and at the same time, never agreeing to do less than a customer deserves.


We pledge to do what is right: dry what can be saved and sanitized, remove only what is not restorable, and always give the best customer service in the business.


When you're in need, call on someone who will treat your loss as if it were their own. Call CXD Restoration.


Aaron Anderson·Owner




I started this business because I saw a major opportunity to be different. Most water damage restoration companies perform both mitigation and rebuild services. These companies have no problem creating more damage by tearing out and disposing of drywall, carpet, and cabinets that can easily be saved. By doing so, they create more work than necessary for themselves on the repair side.


Most water loss situations need a lot of concentrated drying and little removal and repair. My company provides the necessary drying techniques that will dry homes and buildings faster and more efficiently without having to tear up your home.


CXD Restoration is based out of Las Vegas. This is where my family lives and where we plan to stay. We want to serve you and your families and make Las Vegas a better place by doing business honestly and by doing work right. From my family to yours, let us serve you!