Who do I contact in an emergency water damage situation?

There are a few different individuals who you will want to contact. When possible, call a water damage restoration company. They will provide you with the quickest response. In most situations, you will think to call your insurance agent. They will know who to put you in contact with the fastest. CXD has great relationships with several insurance companies in Las Vegas. 


Why do I need professional drying, won't my home just dry out on its own?

CXD is a master mitigating company--meaning that we make the problem less serious and less painful. We do this by using professional drying techniques. The majority of water is "hiding" from us. This water can be beneath the wood or laminate flooring, absorbed into walls, and located behind walls. If ignored, this water can cause humid conditions in the home; which creates a great environment for microbial growth. The last thing you want growing in your home is MOLD. Get drying! 

Are inspections and consultations free?

Yes! CXD will answer questions and provide consultations free of charge. We are happy to serve you and help you through the insurance claim process.

Does my insurance company pay the whole bill?

Depends on your insurance policy. In most situations, homeowners have a deductible that is owed to the restoration company. Other than the deductible, the insurance company will handle and approve of all funds to cover your claim. 

I've never had a claim before. Where do I start?

Start by calling your insurance agent. They will refer you to a restoration company or you can choose one yourself. The agent will get in contact with the claims department and you will have an adjuster assigned to your claim. CXD works closely with insurance adjusters and can help make your claim a positive experience. 

Do you have to tear everything out in my home?

It depends on how bad the damage is. The standard of care calls for materials to be removed and replaced in any category 3 claims. Category 2 is dependent upon the decision of your adjuster and restorer. Category 1 is most common and is typically a situation where drying is the best option. Our goal is to restore your home to the way it was or better, before disaster struck. 

What happens if you find mold during the damage assessment?

CXD Restoration is trained in mold remediation and we can help you through the whole process. If mold is found, we will take the proper steps to remediate.